Our Services

Cal Ecology's specialized biological services and capabilities that are tailored to each individual project include the following:   

  • Biological site assessments and constraints analyses;
  • Botanical surveys including rare plant surveys and vegetation community mapping and classification;
  • Biological construction monitoring and preconstruction clearance surveys;
  • Jurisdictional delineation of state and federal wetlands and waters;
  • Regulatory permitting for wetlands and waters (Clean Water Act Sections 401 and 404, and California Fish and Game Section 1602) and Federal and State Endangered Species Acts (Federal Sections 7 and 10, and State Section 2081);
  • California Rapid Assessment Methodology (CRAM) to assess functions and values of jurisdictional habitats in support of mitigation planning;
  • Focused wildlife surveys, including burrowing owl and nesting birds;
  • Habitat mitigation plan preparation, implementation, and monitoring programs;
  • Impact analyses and peer review services pursuant to CEQA and NEPA guidelines;
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and analyses, including Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection with sub-meter accuracy.​